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Episode 1 - Dave Cook

In our Inaugural episode, we speak with Dave Cook, sales trainer and author of the best selling book "How to be a great Monday morning!"


Dave is an incredibly positive human being. His sales philosophy centers around humanizing yourself and connecting with your customer. He also dives deep into motivation and maintaining a positive attitude.


This book is a must read introduction for anyone thinking about a career in sales. It also serves as a great refresher for veterans of the craft.

Episode 2 - Keenan

In this weeks episode, we speak with Keenan, renowed sales trainer and author of "GAP Selling"


Keenan has taken sales to the next evolutionary step in his GAP selling methodology.

His philosophy centers around knowing your customers business inside and out. Painting a completely clear picture of their current state and understanding their future desired state. 

In the middle of that, lies the GAP. This is where our prospects problems live and this also where we as salespeople, show the value of our product or service. 

This book is a mandatory read for anyone who wants to succeed in sales. 

Episode 3 - Jackie Rainforth

In this weeks episode, we speak with Jackie Rainforth, an award-winning sales trainer who recently authored her first book "The Badass Guide To Superstar Selling".


Jackie brings a very unique perspective that connects elements of macrosociology, psychology and modern selling techniques.


Here's hoping her book is the first of many as this is definitely a voice that salespeople need to hear as we navigate this new decade of selling.

Episode 4 - Simon Leslie Part 1 & 2

Simon Leslie is the Co-founder and joint CEO of Ink Global, a company that employes over 150 sales professionals worldwide.


Simon's book, "There is no F in Sales: a book about selling in every market condition" is an amazing read detailing his entrepreneurial journey, the reality of leading a sales team and how to endure unprecedented times.


We recorded our first conversation in February 2020 and decided to do a follow up conversation in early April in the midst of the Covid-19 crises. Simons insights as well as his endless positivity make him a voice desperately needed to entrepreneurs and sales professionals all over the world in these strange times.


Stay safe and keep the faith.

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